View Full Version : DL90 Datalogger

07-08-08, 18:09
Hi looking for some help with wireing a dl90 datalogger, we are trying to wire an external switch to the sample button, but not sure just how to wire it in , can anyone help please?

07-08-08, 18:31
The DL 90 has external trigger and sensor connectors to the rear.
One of these is the remote trigger connector.
Just connect a momentary push button between there and GND.

Feel free to contact me if you have further problems.

08-08-08, 07:18
See the forums on there website also - there tends to be alot of answers to questions on there!!! Certainly helped with the setup of our DL1

08-08-08, 07:57
looked there first, but seems everything about a dl90 is deleted, fair enough i suppose it is not made now.

08-08-08, 12:59
Thats a shame! I'm sure alot of useful info has been lost. I assume the method for the remote switch is the same as the DL1 where there is an input on the logger where you take a switch to earth to you earth the pin when the switch is depressed.

I have to say though I know the DL1 seems to be not very good using this method. Alot of people find the unit self starts/stops for no reason when a remote button is installed. We had this problem so we scrapped the button and have set up the autostart/stop feature now. We used to come in with 10 files for one run - unhelpful!

08-08-08, 16:16
The self start and stop is the problem we had, out of 1o possible runs at harewood we only got two we could use. Was wondering if we had wired it up wrong, think i will move it so we can reach the buttons on the unit.