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29-10-08, 09:47
i have a set of slicks that have done 3 or 4 events this year and i want to store them properly so as to still be able to use them early part of next season.
do i store them in black bin liners, in the dry and dark (like ive heard)? should they been inflated, deflated fully or halfway? silica gel bags to remove any moisture? cover them in the Missus' Oil of Ulay and play them a little gentle Barry White each day:p or what?
thanks for any info Chaps and Chapesses...


29-10-08, 12:26
Keep them in the dark and cool, on the rims and inflated is fine. Once you have used the tyres though they are on a downward slope as far as performance is concerned, the best you can hope for is to slow the decline!

29-10-08, 12:31
i guessed that its a 'damage' limitation scenario, but thanks for the reply:)

29-10-08, 12:58
To keep ours in tip top shape I tend to wrap them to protect them from UV and take the weight off them, i.e. jack the car up, this will stop them from loosing their shape - obviously this isn't required if they're not actually fitted to the car! I've never tried Oil of Ulay but would be interested how that goes.. we seem to have loads of the stuff in the bathroom!

30-10-08, 11:32
Then again there is a school of thought that says "why bother".

When I bought a set of Dymags from Richard Fry in 1998 for the Pilbeam they came complete with some very old Avon A3 rubber on them. For the test day at Gurston early 99 I left them on - planning to replace them with new before the season started, but as I pulled 1.81 off the start line for the first 64 feet I concluded maybe there was some life left in them!! These had probably sat around for about 8 years before this. Anyway I left them on for about half a season until the rubber was really obviously stuffed! It surprised me how good they had remained.

Of course possibly more recent compounds suffer more than A3 obviously did and need pampering!


30-10-08, 18:28
This year I had the luxury of having last year's well worn A15s to sometimes use in practice and new ones for competition. Even when the "new" ones got as worn as the old ones, there was a clear difference in the grip from them.

All that can be done, as described in the previous posts should be done to try preserve what you can, but I'm afraid the tyres will never be the same as when new :(

31-10-08, 06:53
Ozone in the atmosphere and uv rays are the enemy of tyres. Take a spare tyre out of the boot of a car that's never been used and is a few years old and it will still be dark black and slightly sticky. Compare that with the tyres on the car and they will feel dry and look grey.

So, cover the tread area between events with wrap (or plastic bags) to keep any sunlight and the air off them. Make sure they're dry. Slightly inflated (15 psi) is best.

DON'T leave them outside exposed to the elements on the trailer tyre rack as this will definitely deteriorate them!

Also some artificial lighting can break down tyre rubber - can't remember which though! So covering up is always worth doing.

Rescue Dude
02-11-08, 08:22
You could do what one single seater runner does and angle grind the top layer off when they become hard. :eek:

Isn't that right Blackx?;)

02-11-08, 09:08
You could do what one single seater runner does and angle grind the top layer off when they become hard. :eek:

Isn't that right Blackx?;)

Yes but you have to use a 9" angle grinder to get the best results.....

There's luvley....

02-11-08, 09:30
There's luvley....

Sounds like a clue to me.


02-11-08, 11:35
Sounds like a clue to me.


Sure is................Boyo ;)