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24-03-09, 14:51
Is anyone out there using 17" dia wheels / tyres for Hillclimbing or Sprinting??
I need some info as to whos using what compound wise..
12" and 10" widths preferably and car weight a shade under 1100kg.
Im a bit out of my comfort zone with 17" (after using 13" crossply Avons for over 20 years)

Thanks in advance

24-03-09, 15:43
I use 16" and have difficulty with compound choices, I can only assume 17's would be similar. Call BMTR in Brum, they know what's what.

24-03-09, 16:22
a few of the Subaru and Evo boys use them, the Harrimans, Pete and Robbie where on 17s iirc and Graeme Loake with his old scooby. Not sure if they frequent here though, maybe try Hagley club forum

24-03-09, 16:30
Try looking at Dunlop products,The btcc cars use a very soft wet I believe in 17",If you order wet compounds uncut it may do the job as a soft uncut slick, most of the bigger Avons are harder compounds suitable for long distance events only,hope this helps.

24-03-09, 17:58
The saloon car I am putting together uses 17" rims, choice from the lists A or B is somewhat limited in the widths and profiles I need, which are 215 40 or 215 45. There are quite a few in 205 40 but that size seems to undergear my car and biger than 215 45 gives me clearance problems.

24-03-09, 18:37
Cheers guys,
17" is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to soft tyres it seems. Peter at BMTR is looking into 16" and 18" alternatives, Martin at Hoosier came up with some A6 Autocross tyres that he says some TVR guys are using on the hills but as you can imagine at a £1000 a set I would like to find out what other people are using before raiding the piggy bank.

24-03-09, 19:18
From my experience, in a some what lighter car, it's PiggyTime!!:eek:

24-03-09, 20:49
If you can fit 10 or 12 inch rims on then you will probably find some A15 compound Avons to fit, still won’t be cheap though. I run 17” A6 Hoosiers on a Griffith and they are not really soft enough for hillclimb, they are not as soft as R888s for example. I got them because they were all I could find to fit the widest rims that will reasonably go on the car. The set I have are past their best and I also found the price a tad high when asking about a new set for this year. Obviously the £ / $ rate doesn’t help but I did ask a contact in the US to get some prices and there is a significant mark-up.

24-03-09, 22:09
Thanks for the info BlueGriff, I may have to bite the bullet and change the rim sections to 18" :eek: to get the compounds I need. There is supposed to be a far wider choice.
According to Peter there is no compound soft enough in Avon in 17" (A15 would be ideal)
Oh well. . . . . . Cest La Vie

27-03-09, 15:23
Looks like 16" is the way I'm going to have to go for tyres, A15 available in the correct sizes.
Thanks for the input guys.

Now wheres that Piggy!

27-03-09, 16:54
Can't make out the car in your avatar?????

27-03-09, 21:58
Hi Bernard, It's a Mk2 Escort in my avatar but I've just bought Rod Birley's old Honda Prelude to race this season hence the 17" tyre issues.
Love the Mk2 in your pic!
I have seen some vid from Shelsley, looks like a handfull!!

28-03-09, 06:50
Yeah! Car needs a younger pilot methinks!

The Voice
30-03-09, 07:42
If you want to see it in action check this out.....and note despite damp conditions the engine note doesn't seem to drop of at all in third through the first corner!!!!!....believe it or not this is a moderately slow run for the bunman :)


30-03-09, 07:57
you gonna run the ex-Birley Prelude on the hills? :cool:

31-03-09, 06:47
you gonna run the ex-Birley Prelude on the hills? :cool:

Yes thats the plan, not sure how many I will manage to get away for this season but 1 or 2 would be nice. :D:D

31-03-09, 07:42
fair play, that should be fun! :cool: although its so wide it may touch the bank on both sides at some of the hills :eek:

31-03-09, 17:55
Tis a fearsome machine thats for sure, I can't wait to get out in anger with it.

17-04-09, 09:54
Is there anybody out there who would be interested in some 290/645/17 A15 radial slicks if I was to commission some from Avon??

Let me know, price would be list less 15% Approx £260 per tyre.