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09-09-09, 16:44

Going to splash out and do some engine work on my standard Hayabusa over the winter and wondered if anyone has contact details for Mistral? They seem to be elusive on the web!!

Also anyone got any good/bad experiences of the typical tuners i.e. Powertec, Mistral, TTS etc. Looking at going down the 1400 route I think



09-09-09, 16:54
Mistral (http://www.mistralperformance.com)


Steve Wilkinson
09-09-09, 17:18
Try Holeshot racing. I know they are now in Northern Ireland but their engines are pretty good.


09-09-09, 18:10
John Baker at JEBS (http://www.jebsuk.com) is highly recommended.
Builds mostly Suzuki race engines.

Based in Shipston on Stour, south of Stratford on Avon.


Darren Luke
09-09-09, 19:42
You will not do better than Mistral, Rob has built me a number of engines & everyone's been a winner!

Mistral built me a standard capacity 1299cc Busa motor that put me on pole for the Castle Combe round of the Radical Cup earlier this year, considering that EVERYONE else had a Powertec Busa motor of 1475cc/1550cc/1585cc that was mighty impressive!

Steve Day
10-09-09, 07:11
...probably had more to do with the driver Darren!


10-09-09, 07:34
Ted Horrell at Powertec is dead straight which I have found is a rare commodity in motor sport over the years. He rebuilt and tuned an engine for me and it blew up on the dyno, he then replaced it FOC and I don't know many engine builders who would do that. Plus I've always had good engines from him the bhp figures might not be what others claim (there are some very fast dynos out there) but the engines are drivable and quick.
If you're putting a new crank in have words with fellow competitors who run 1400 as some are very lumpy and shake the car like mad - I am told the best cranks are from DKE now part of Arrow.
I don't think you can go wrong with either Mistral or Powertec but I've heard some horror stories about the other lot of initials.

10-09-09, 08:41
Also try Extreme engines. Not used them personally but hear good reports.

10-09-09, 09:33
Another plus for Rob @Mistral.

His engines are currently record holders in mod prod up to 1400cc , 1100cc single seater and 1600cc single seater at most of the championship hills.

Powertec engines do seem to be reasonable as well, although they do tend to be quite expensive


Darren Luke
10-09-09, 16:20
I've always liked you Steve:D:D Your too kind;)

Someone's heard good words about Extreme, there's a turn up for the books:eek:

Darren Luke
10-09-09, 16:28
As per filmstars post, Ted at Powertec is a good guy & very fair if a little more expensive than Mistral:)