View Full Version : Smallest lightweight rear brake caliper

02-10-09, 10:18
As above. Any suggestions. To be used with a Focus rear disk.

No handbrake gubbins required.

02-10-09, 15:52
I have used willwood 2 pots on the back of my Escort with mk3 Escort discs. From memory they were about 800 grammes each with pads. I am sure there are lighter ones about but the price was good too - £80 each from rally design.

LM Racing
02-10-09, 16:23
Motorbike caliper?

02-10-09, 19:03
I´d second that! A bike calliper would suit the job - but will need the disc skimmed down a whole lot to fit inside the calliper.

02-10-09, 21:43
One thing with bike calipers is that in their natural habitat they have loads of space so they tend to be made with the bleed nipples and pipe unions on the "top" of the caliper so may not fit in the restricted space between a decent sized disc and the inner rim of a much smaller car wheel.


02-10-09, 22:14
Type 'radial caliper' into BTDBTDBTDBTD and have a look. Fit nicely inside a 13in wheel with the disc turned down....loads to choose from, if you're patient and make 'best offers' you'll get a pair inc pads for £50 delivered (I've managed that twice now) they may have the odd scuff where the bikes been dropped or whatever. They are simple to mount and make a much tidier job than a conventional bike caliper. Hope that helps

03-10-09, 08:32
Harrison Billets are the business but sadly not in the s/hand £50 caliper market.
Radial calipers are now available from the bike breakers and open up more opportunities for being creative. A few years ago the some Westfield drivers were using Spondon bike calipers, but I don't know if that carried on.

04-10-09, 08:48
theres a massive bike breakers at the bottom of the hill where I work in macclesfield - will get you their number next week

Nick Skidmore
05-10-09, 10:41
Brembo do a nice 2 pot caliper, 1.5" pistons on a 3.5" lug.

Were about £60 ea but now more like £80 probably.

The good thing is that pads are about £3ea!

Steve Tuckey at Mode Performance is the man to speak to.

05-10-09, 11:33
Thanks all. I've found some Hi Spec rears for a good price.

Bike calipers sounds a good solution, but concerned with how a skimmed down brake disk would distort.

Nick Skidmore
05-10-09, 14:17
Brembo also do a 279mm dia x 6.4mm thick disc which amongst other applications is quoted as used on Touring car and F2 rally rear, so it is surprising how thin you can go.