View Full Version : Power shifting of bike engine

27-10-09, 09:31
Which of the uk made systems seems most popular and reliable for a paddle shift system on a bike engine. In this case a Suzuki GSXR engine.

27-10-09, 10:15
Contact Ian Dayson @ Force Racing Cars, he's fitted powershifts and I believe he has been involved with fitting paddles to John Bradburn's gould.

His Number is 01543 490391

Hope this helps


27-10-09, 10:51
Ian - did my Hayabusa installation into my caterham to a very high standard, cannot recommend him enough, excellent service and quality

i am using the SBD kit http://www.sbdev.co.uk/Hayabusa/Hayabusa_gear_control_system.htm (just on the up shift) the flat shifting works as it claims, I don't have paddles though but cannot see why it wouldn't be just as good as in this case.

I am also using the SBD loom and MBE ecu so it made the choice a no brainer for me. There may be better optins if you don't have the above.