View Full Version : alloy sump welding Leeds area?

28-05-10, 10:45
a club member needs an alloy ford zetec sump welding as its been modified to clear a cross member. Hes in the Leeds area and wants a recommendation of someone local to take it to, or someone highly recommended further afield to post it off to. Being local to harewood i thought there might be someone here with a suggestion.
Given that the sump holds the engines lifeblood he doesnt want to 'wing it' with someone just out of the yellow pages/google.

any suggestions Chaps n Chapesses?

Rescue Dude
28-05-10, 10:55
Not in the Leeds area but I can highly recommend This company. (http://www.conceptracing.co.uk/)

Bob is a top bloke.

jo white
28-05-10, 11:35
Steve Owens @ OMS

28-05-10, 15:57
cheers guys, have passed suggestions along :cool:

28-05-10, 16:04
I'll be at Harewood, 6th June. General opinion from those in the know is that they'd like a look at it to see what the job will be and if it needs to look like a bespoke F1-type job or not ? I can take it back to Bradford with your
requirements and let them have a look if you're stuck.