View Full Version : Formula BMW papers and certificates

06-08-10, 15:32
As most of you know, I race an ex formula BMW car which I had bought from ex formula 1 driver Emillio De Villota in Spain. I run it in hillclimbs and it is now fitted with a supercharged Kawaski ZX14 engine.

This is the 1st model of formula BMW's which were built by Schubell engineering in Germany. The more modern ones are built by Mygale I think.

The Tub number is BJ-99-002 and the YOM. is 1999 although bodywork, brakes etc. are upgraded to 2002 spec.

What I am looking for is any form of paper work that anyone can provide me with of the car because the CSAI in Italy which is where I would like to race it are like a bunch of customs officers.

Although I have the original log book of the car which shows that it has been raced at many spanish circuits, the CSAI want a roll hoop certificate, they want a certificate of the Tub from the manufacturer, they want a certificate of the crashbox from the manufacturer and basically everything else you can imagine.

The main problem is that Schubell engineering are no longer in business.

If anyone has any of this paper work or knows someone I can contact who can help me I would be much obliged.