View Full Version : Peugeot 106

02-02-07, 10:15
Nothing to do with hill climbing really but I have a feeling the cam belt in my Peugeot is about to go, so obviously to avoid any major engine work (ie, bent valves etc...) I'm going to get it replaced.

So roughly how much should I expect to pay for a cam belt re-fit? (belt, labour etc...)

Plus, as I wanted to hill-climb it I thought Better get it done now, rather than get 20 seconds into a practice run only to f*** up the engine.


05-02-07, 18:58
If its a tu engined car labour time I think if i can recall from my time at peugeot is only about an hour or hour and a half ,if its 16v type obviousley will be a fair bit more,belt kits aren't a huge amount,shame you are so far away otherwise my brother in law would do it on the side for you as he's a peugeot techie.

05-02-07, 21:12
Nah its just a bog standard OHC 106. No tuning at all! (Can't afford too!)