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Biggles 05-07-17 11:30

Bodyshop with motorsport experience

Does anyone have knowledge of a repair shop that has experience of repairing motorsport vehicles ? I put my Citroen on its roof a month or so ago - various bits need pulling out and the front chassis rails need realigning - windscreen aperture/scuttle panel need replacing. I had someone lined up to fix it next month but he's now too busy to do it until next year so I'm looking for other options.


powell 05-07-17 12:38

Where are you located?

Biggles 05-07-17 15:09


iainleinster 05-07-17 15:11

James Middleton @ http://www.relentlessperformance.co.uk/

Earith too far?

jwhillracer 05-07-17 17:31

Speak to Karl Lupton at Karline Garage, Metheringham - he will know someone locally.


novarally 05-07-17 19:27


Originally Posted by Biggles (Post 140724)

Mark Windley at Finney's Garage, Coningsby, LN4 4RU

redturner37 06-07-17 11:06

The body shop at Elmtree Garage in Basford Nottingham can pull your car back into shape. They have a massive jig and will take any car. 0115 9781008...

Biggles 06-07-17 17:09


Originally Posted by iainleinster (Post 140725)
James Middleton @ http://www.relentlessperformance.co.uk/

Earith too far?

Nope. Will follow this up, as well as the other suggestions (more suggestions welcome).

Thanks all.

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