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Lolat492 19-11-17 07:50

Midland Awards do last night
Great event last night, superb company on our table as it seems there was on all of them!
Thank you from us to Roger and everyone else involved in putting this on, but also keeping it alive as a Championship.

I think next year is my 25th year with the Midland, looking forward to 2018.


JamesK 21-11-17 08:18

Move along now ladies and gentlemen, nothing to see here

Steve Day 30-11-17 07:51

Hi just to confirm that the photos of the award winners - taken on the night by Jerry Sturman - are now on the MHC website.

Also, to confirm that For 2018 the BMTR Midland Hill Climb Championship is reverting to its’ traditional calendar with events being held at the three leading Hill Climb venues in the Midlands; Shelsley Walsh, Loton Park and Prescott. The Gurston round in July is being dropped as we understand the organisers at that event are choosing to run two 1 Day B meetings.

Also, for 2018, each timed run will count, so that results from fourteen of the eighteen qualifying rounds count towards the total score for the season, with extra points available to drivers who set new class records. That’s going to be interesting!

Dates are shown on the website.

Cheers Steve

team knifedge 30-11-17 08:05

oooh, now that will be interesting - best get our engine fixed pronto

DaveK 30-11-17 08:05


Can you confirm if you break the class record, does the extra point still carry, if you use that score as a dropped round

team knifedge 30-11-17 08:20

don't think I'll be worrying too much about that with Robert around ...

Steve Day 30-11-17 09:00


Originally Posted by DaveK (Post 144645)

Can you confirm if you break the class record, does the extra point still carry, if you use that score as a dropped round

Hi Dave

Good question and a possible scenario...

Bill Pardoe is overseeing this now. I think all of the fine detail will be clearer when the regs are published in the New Year.

Just to say that the Championship intends to offer online registration for the new season.

In addition, we intend to produce and show results online very close to the end of each meeting... we might even send them out via email to registered / interested parties... woo hoo!

Bit of work to do.

Cheers Steve

Fireblade 30-11-17 10:03

Imagine the saving in A4 paper, envelopes and postage.
I hear a Highlands post office is now shutting due to lack of workload :D

Lolat492 30-11-17 15:46

Steve, the link to the 2017 Award pics does not work (for me at least)

This is the red link shown on the Home Page.

team knifedge 30-11-17 16:09

Worked for me....

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