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johnno 03-11-17 19:56

standard class exhaust
Having been competing a few years now in whatever everyday road car i have at the time and running in a standard (not roadgoing production) class whenever an event organiser has run one, am i going to have an issue with my new car? I'm now the owner of a Clio 182 and like 99% of these on the road is fitted with an aftermarket stainless exhaust, no problem i thought i'll just change it until i found out the cost of a new one from Renault to be around £900! Pattern exhausts are few and far between no-one stocks them, i have found a particularly nasty one which i'm sure would fall to bits in months. So...if i was to have a stainless exhaust made to original pattern/spec (as in number and location of boxes, same mountings etc, same bore, same tail pipes and a similar decibel limit) would i fall foul? would it be a pattern exhaust or not? Any thoughts from other competitors who run standard cars, scrutineers?

Dan Friel 03-11-17 20:35

The MSA regs state:

"Any replacement components fitted must be a Standard Part/Standard Pattern Part."

If it's "standard pattern", you don't have an issue.

dennis.doyle 03-11-17 23:44

I think Dan's dead right in terms of interpreting the Standard CATEGORY regs. which really only define the safety kit you need before modifying a basically safe car & surely were put forward to help people get started in our sport?

Overstepping these is important too when CATEGORIES are applied to CLASSES. Ultimately, if you give them an inch they will take a mile, & after a bit you could have flip-front Minis, Spridgets or Clios pretending to be roadgoing, standard or woteva.

The reality, as the OP points out, is that most events don't even run this class. I'd add that no one really gives a toss about who wins that event or championship or what the ultimate class record at that venue is.

Sure, if someone fitted a straight-through, big-bore, de-catted exhaust that would be cheating, but who cares who wins the plastic pot?

Regardless, who would dream of spending £900 to bring the car back to something objectively "standard" just to have some fun?

Surely neither competitors nor organizers have lost their common sense. I'm pretty confident that both want to see more competitors out there?

My advice: Go for it, don't agonize about it, have some fun, run it as it is, help finance more clubbie events.

Mike Wood 04-11-17 09:47


I'd be tempted to try to get a high quality, close to standard exhaust spec (and perhaps even standard bore) replacement as something that might actually flow properly in a quiet manner.

Anything suitable from BTB exhausts http://www.btbexhausts.com/, Devil (used to do Renault Clio racing products years ago IIRC) or http://www.k-tecracing.com/sub-categories.asp?catid=9 (the 750 Motor Club Clio 182 Series sponsors)?

What do the old Renault Clio Cup race series cars run and those in the 750 Motor Club stock hatch series (or whatever that is called now)/750 MC 182 Series: http://www.750mc.co.uk/formulae/clio-series.htm? Note the latter requires a standard exhaust: http://www.750mc.co.uk/ugc-1/1/1/0/2...-_clio_182.pdf

I do wonder about the effectiveness of many aftermarket 'performance' exhausts for modern cars. When I see 'tuned' hatchbacks with large/very large bore aftermarket exhausts I wonder if they are down on power compared to a high quality stock system on a fully serviced and properly running car.

Pity this question was not about BLMC Minis or Midgets/Sprites then we would be saying a Maniflow manifold and a Competition Silencers RC40 exhaust system.


Hillman 04-11-17 10:32

A friend put his Eunos of 18,000 km on the rollers and was amazed that it gave book power. He was so pleased that he invested in a stainless exhaust and air filter from a well known manufacturer. All this expense gained him 0.1 HP on the same rollers! Exit despondent owner stage left.

Biggles 04-11-17 12:48

From the Blue Book

Standard Pattern Part. Replacement part that has a similar form shape and features as the standard part and is made using similar materials and manufacturing processes e.g. A standard part manufactured by a non original equipment supplier that is fully interchangeable with the standard part.

So in my opinion, what you propose would be fine - a steel exhaust of the same dimensions as the OE. Stainless vs mild is irrelevent as it doesn't enhance the performance in any way (merely makes it last longer).

shiftspark 04-11-17 14:39

Can you not look for a second hand system ? Have a look on Cliosport.net

Lordtets 05-11-17 10:53

having similar issue's with my MR2 im going to be entering or the first time next year. I have asked regarding the springs on mine as they are 30mm lower but they were a factory option so ok. The manifold on mine is "aftermarket" as most of them are on these as the originals had pre cats that are prone to falling to bits and wrecking the engines. Standard system though.

If i'm not allowed in standard i'll have fun in whatever class they put me in!!

Ian Johnson 05-11-17 13:17

I think a few are missing the point "standard class" is exactly that......as it came from factory. Any modifications the car goes into 'road going production' it's that simple to me. Pattern parts as long as same as 'standard original spec' and not modified parts that enhance alledged or actual performance then that's fine. Standard means Standard

giollakris 05-11-17 13:46

Standard means Standard
Well said Ian

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