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Lolat492 01-11-17 11:23

PC start-up time
I have a Lenovo PC, Windows 10 and it works!

However, over the last month or less the time to get the PC ready to log-in on initial switchon is very long and getting longer. It can be 5 mins or more.
I get the random selected beautifl picture, the time and date and if I double left click it shoud present me with the sign-in window for my code and then go to the screen with everything loading up. Loading uop takes around 5 to 10 seconds.

No after initial switch on the delay to get the sign-on window to display is over 5 mins, used to be around a minute or much less.

I think this was after a Microsoft upgrade of about 3 weeks.

Any ideas why the time has stretched out?

grahamb 01-11-17 19:26

There can be many reasons for slow startup Graham, its very difficult to say without seeing event logs etc. It could indicate a file system error, or some piece of rogue software is doing all manner of things in the background. It might even be Windows security updates being applied, or your antivirus software performing a scan on bootup.

Lolat492 01-11-17 19:34

Thanks for your reply.
The PC was checked by the internal Lenovo system security and all was well just 3 days ago.
I've just noticed the picture host I use, Postimage, has stopped working stating ' Internal Server Error (3)' instead of loading a picture off the pic library, but all was perfect yesterday with Postimage.

PC's never seem to work reliably!

Teddie2003 01-11-17 19:45

I had the same type of problem in September following a windows update.

My laptop runs windows 10 and I used Firefox to then go on the web and the start time after logging in was getting to similar times that you have experienced.

Since the "update" I've had to revert to using MS Edge as I cannot get Firefox to work correctly at the moment. Using that all seems OK now apart from all the rubbish that MS edge throws up!

Lolat492 01-11-17 22:04

At least lm not alone!
Bloody computers....

Lolat492 02-11-17 08:11

Something positive.
I ran a full Kaspersky system check last night, took about 2 hours, 1/2 million files (!) and the PC runs mega fast in general.
This morning, now, switched on and left the PC for 4 mins, immediate sign-on.

Can this be about band width and such things?
I am in a cul de sac with a lot of teenage/adult users?
Will compare the performance this evening.

PumaWestie 02-11-17 09:06

The best option is to type MSCONFIG at a command prompt and then go to the Startup tab. On windows 10 there is a link to take you to the correct place as its moved I think.

Anyway, once in the startup section disable anything that you don't need at startup. A lot of PC manufacturers put all sorts of useless accessories, programs, links and tools in there and it slows the computer significantly

Lolat492 02-11-17 13:23

That makes sense even to me.
All these Microsoft updates are security patches I guess, and I thought it might be all those flagging up things on start up.
Thank you for the suggestion.

Lolat492 13-11-17 08:28

Embarrassing as it will be to me, I have 'fixed' the start-up time.

When I switch the PC on in a few seconds I have the screen saver from Windows on the screen showing a nice calming picture, time, date and the signal strength of the internet.
Nothing else.
Ever since had this machine I have double left clicked in the centre of the screen and it would within a few seconds show the field into which I type my pass word, then the PC was all connected and flying.

In the last 3 weeks or so this has stopped doung it's job this way, and after 10+ mins it might show the sign-in field, hence this frustration and post on Uphill.

However, by chance, switched on, picture up and single clicked on the bottom left hand corner of the screen picture and instantly it opened!

Normally in that area are my name and my wife's so we can select which part of the PC we want. These names are invisible on switch-on!

I have switched on and off the PC and this start-up works every time.

Thus is 'wonderful' PC now starts up in around 30 seconds or less.

Wish my Lola would do Shelsley that quickly.....

kano nordie 13-11-17 10:11

Please let me type in your wife name and see if it works for me??

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