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u01rsb 05-01-18 15:52

Carbon Fibre Repair Specialists
Afternoon All, can anyone recommend carbon fibre repair specialists preferably near Leeds that could repair a C/F under-tray that has worn in a couple of areas? Obviously it worked a bit too well.....:rolleyes:

Thanks, Rob

Nick Skidmore 05-01-18 21:58

Carbon Tony in Sheffield, 07854 310701

Edmundo2 05-01-18 22:00

John Hansel at Stokesley - http://www.fibre-lyte.co.uk

u01rsb 05-01-18 22:00

Thanks Nick, I’ll give him a call.

u01rsb 05-01-18 22:04

Will try John too, cheers!

No Imagination 06-01-18 13:55


Originally Posted by Nick Skidmore (Post 145471)
Carbon Tony in Sheffield, 07854 310701

Is Tony still trading - haven't spoken to him for a few years....................

Nick Skidmore 06-01-18 20:08

I guess so, he is a friend on the book of Face and comments on my stuff / touts for business.

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