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Originally Posted by sevaun View Post
Aren't we missing a point here? We enter sprint and hillclimb events to "race" against the clock and other competitors. There is already too little seat time involved therefore I regard practice as an opportunity to go as fast as I can while also keeping within my driving capabilities and (improving)knowledge of the course. I don't think having to slow down in practice could be considered as fun, competitive or in the spirit of sprinting! Also if we are not allowed to attempt to drive at competitive speeds in practice then preparation for timed runs is compromised. Speed should be something built up during the event from P1 to T2/3 surely?
If there is a problem giving competitors what they pay for and expect, then surely the problem should be solved at source, however painful that may be. If that means having fewer entries then surely the end justifies the means - better to have 120 satisfied competitors than 150 unhappy ones.

Well said Richard perfect answer
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