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Been doing some digging. The manual lists the Suzuki clutch master cylinder diameter as 12.72mm and the slave as 35.73mm. The ratio of the piston movements will vary as the square of their radii. With 1.4mm slave movement this implies a master cylinder movement of around 9mm. I'm not too familiar with bike clutch levers but this feels the right sort of level for a hand lever unless there is some other mechanism at play which alters the mechanical advantage. My master cylinder is now larger than original at 14mm diameter which would reduce the travel required to deliver 1.4mm of slave movement. I'll measure the pedal linkage tomorrow (I can't rebuild the clutch as I had planned since the Suzuki dealer sent the parts to the wrong address so it'll give me something to do!). In the mean time, any thoughts welcome. Be really interested in your measurements Rob as I can't believe they will be significantly different to the GSXR 1000.
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