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Old 01-05-15, 13:29
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My life is measured in years, months and days. My personal enjoyment time is similarly measured. For me, spending a day with my friends and then heading out onto the empty track to do the best I possibly can makes for a brilliant day out. I don't find myself desperate for more laps at the end of the day, but I do find at the end of a test day or track day that I'm just pounding around because I can, rather than because I really want to.

Really, it's each to their own and my views are just that ... Mine. If you want more track time, sprinting and Hillclimbing probably isn't for you. Look at the reviews of the Great Western Sprint in Bristol Motor Club's magazine - some people look at the track time, whilst others look at the day as a whole experience.

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Old 01-05-15, 13:36
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Originally Posted by PumaWestie View Post
To me, the draw to sprints and hills over track days / racing is the lesser wear and tear and the fact that there is no-one else to cause you an accident but yourself. I would hate having to repair damage due to someone else from a racing accident of which there are likely to be quite a few having looked around various race paddocks over my time

You are right John, my series is a tad rough ask Eynon!! and i pick up damage at every event. Luckily it doesn't bother me. But if it did, it would be no fun at all.
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Old 01-05-15, 14:15
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The speed world is not all about track time, Whilst it was fun doing the longer lap BSC sprints in the Radical, one of favourite tracks is probably Fintray, one of the shortest hills in the country, 28 Secs of pure action and no margin for error.

If you measure your enjoyment in track time per £ then the Hills and Sprints are not for you.
2015 the year of the V8 postponed again
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Old 01-05-15, 19:20
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I've only just got started with the sprints & hills and like Petrolhead, I thought I would't get enough seat time, but I like it far more than I thought I would. The last track day I did at Cadwell I was bored by dinner £90 on fuel, £85 on front pads, 4 knackered avon slicks and didn't really know how good or bad I was doing. I'm trying to evolve (mutate) my car so I find my day at a sprint or hill very full, having just enough time to adjust stuff, re fuel and a walk around in between runs, top bunch of chaps and loads to learn with no bull as the times do all the talking. Give it a go, you might just like it more than you thought. Like I say I'm new to it so might get fed up, but I don't think I will as loads to learn on set up, circuits and learning how to drive. Strangely enough I didn't get a massive lot more out of a double header weekend, Aintree & Wigan as it all seemed to roll into one with the banter the following week. Each to there own eh.
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Old 01-05-15, 21:47
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John, you are missing the point of the sport, which is strange as you have got a hillclimb car.

There are lots of practice days at the start of the season, Harewood, Gurston, Loton, Curborough from memory but you've missed them now so you could alternatively test at Llandow, Curborough or Blyton Park.

In other threads you've asked for lots of advice from the hillclimb/sprint fraternity and now seem to be having a go at our sport. Odd.
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Old 09-05-15, 20:42
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In fairness, I wasn't having a go at the sport, I just said the following, and stated at the end that it was my own opinion (which I'm entitled to):

Originally Posted by Petrolhead View Post
It's just not worth the effort/time of getting a car to/from an event (and a day at the venue) for just 5-7 minutes of seat time (even if it were to cost the same as an Autosolo i.e. £25 entry), IMHO.
It's been interesting to hear more about why people do it/what they get out of it, and also explore where there are opportunities to get more seat time to get used to the car. I'll probably be doing Loton Park later in the year with a bit of luck.
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Old 10-05-15, 16:36
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Seat time isn't what hillclimbing is all about. All the cup stuff on circuit would be better if seat time is important. I sometimes work with one of the guys competing in SMRC and all I hear from him is seat time, seems like that's all he's focused on.

I think with our sport most start in roadgoing classes. It's an opportunity for guys to put the pedal to the metal legally reasonably cheaply with a competitive nature, whether that be PB's or class. Track days are more expensive, tyres/pads/petrol etc and no competition. Seat time is irrelevant as usually it's the daily driver. As time goes on experience is gained, you move up class and with that experience maybe require less time with car to get to grips with it, the tracks become second nature.

There's also the mix of tracks. Lots of rounds of more than a handful of tracks makes things a little more interesting.

Class regs are also a plus side. Unlike a lot of the circuit guys there's such a wide variety of cars in each class, and all trying to squeeze that last drop out. Just walking round the paddock or seeing them on track usually results in raised eyebrows due to either some very creative engineering or going like sh-t off a hot shovel.

I could go on but for me as an all round package you just can't beat it. Then there's all the euro stuff, longer tracks, faster and some really outstanding motors!
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Old 10-05-15, 20:22
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I've done circuit racing, autosolos, sprints/hills, and a few track days. All have their good points and they're all different so will have different appeals.

Autosolos - good fun, cheap on entries (expensive on tyres), competitive but very social... but just not fast enough (simply not scary at all).

Circuit racing - challenging, need to go fast for 20mins but can go slower at times, need a rythym and figure out how to pass (or stop being passed). Get's a bit arsey due to damage/other peoples shunts. Lot's of time and money. I like it.

Sprints/Hills - very intense competition, have to push really hard, don't need a rythym just drive as fast as you can for ~1min. Very friendly and social. More freedom so lots of really interesting vehicles (particularly the hills). My favourite

Track Days - An exercise in frustration and mostly tests bullshitting skills. Can't drive fast enough due to traffic. I used to think that people into track days were practicing until that started some sort of competition... but I realised many like the fact that with no times no loss of ego. Lots of time spent just driving around not close the the limit using up tyres, fuel, brakes. Not a fan, if the clocks not on whats the point? Handy for a shakedown.
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Old 10-05-15, 21:11
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Originally Posted by kartaphilos View Post
Summed it up perfectly.
100% Agree mate, hope you are on the mend after your RTA.
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Old 11-05-15, 16:07
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I got more of a buzz/rush this weekend doing a fault free (if not the fastest) run at MIRA on the BDC sprint than I have done in all of the trackdays I have done in the car combined.

The last two times I have taken the car to a trackday (coincidently after I did my first ever sprint) all that has been on my mind is "whats the point of risking and wearing out the car trying to go faster when nobody is timing?"

And getting a trophy at the end of the day was so much more satisfying than hearing some oaf in an M3 or Nissan GTR rambling on about how quick their car is and how their tyres were 1/2 a psi off optimum and thats why they had to let my tiny car past.

Thats not to discount trackdays, me and three mates used to take an old 306 GTi-6 and pound it round all day and have a great laugh but actually competing is just so much more intense and satisfying.
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