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Old 03-11-17, 19:15
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dan mason will become famous soon enough
Don't think westfireld have ever produced a car with a 1000rr fireblade motor or an r1 Yamaha but them guys run in a modified class!
Surely they can't think the old carbed 900 blades with 130bhp are the same as the 180bhp 1000rr?
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Old 04-11-17, 22:30
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When I first saw this thread I thought "Don't be silly, there's a perfectly good class for Radicals, it’s called Libre so go & play there".

A little reading & thought convinced me that I was wrong.

To understand what we are talking about, have a quick look at the Autocar road test:


First off, consider the arguments about production cars.

The SR3 SL exceeds every rule I’ve ever heard of, MSA or FIA. It’s got EU type approval & even meets emission requirements (not that it matters). Mind you, either might be considered reasonable causes to ban them

What about “available through the normal commercial channels of the manufacturer” you ask? Well, they claim 22 international agents – eat your heart out Aston, Ginetta, etc.

On that basis I see no reason that it should not be eligible for either MSA categories S11.1.2 Roadgoing Specialist Production Cars or S12.2 Modified Specialist Production Cars.

OK so far? Good, lets move on to the classes that actually run. Obviously these vary with organising club or championship so I’m going to have to take an arbitrary example which is Liverpool Motor Club, say at Aintree?

The relevant classes could include:

2B Road going Kit Replica Spaceframed Cars over 1700cc (car derived engines)
Current record 45.35 (Westy)
Last class winner I can see is a RAW Fulcrum, at 46.03

3H Modified Kit Replica Spaceframed Cars
Current record 44.71 (Mk Indy)
Last class winner I can see is a Westy at 46.21

4B Libre over 2 litre
Current record 42.97 (Juno)
Last class winner I can see is a 1340cc Radical PR6 at 47.48

What’s the problem in a Radical SR3 SL running in any of those classes (depending on tyres of course)? It’s not going to blow anyone away is it? Also, I reckon if one rocked-up driven to meeting it would be welcomed almost as much as if a (much slower) GT40 or Ferrari would.

Before taking the plunge I’d consider some of the pros & cons:

Cost? A bit out of my price bracket. Was about ¬£67K new or recently sold for €50K (+ import from Italy), still road legal & one careful owner.

Weight: bit more than lardy at 600+KG. Course you can add lightness, at a cost & within the regs. How much for racing carbon bodywork & would this be any more naughty than the same on a locaterfield?

Aero: Yes, Yes & Yes. Triple-plane rear wing that doesn’t involve changing silhouette in side view, front splitter for plan view & ground effects without hacking around the chassis/floor-pan.

Power: a measly 245 bhp – bit weedy for an unlimited capacity car in any class which is where a turbo’d 2-litre will always be. “Easy” to upgrade to 500+, though will cost a bit more.

Go-faster bits: Of course, plenty of after-market racing options available from Radical, though best check cost & class regs. before proceeding,

Tyres: Wouldn’t even have to swap the showroom spec. Kumho’s to run in roadgoing – assuming they’ve still got the right numbers & letters to qualify as 1B’s.

Apologies for the wordiness of this.
Is there ever enough run-off?

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Old 05-11-17, 19:46
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But the SR3SL wasn't the topic of the discussion....
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