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Old 21-04-18, 22:25
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Sorry for the radio silence. I've been busy spannering and fettling, with much burning of midnight oil.

"PS" is well defined via many on-line sources and is a 'metric horsepower" (approximately), but that wasn’t the question. This was a genuine question to get a better understanding of the wide variety of horsepower figures quote in the Kawasaki manual, and in particular those peculiar "WVTA" figures. If it has been 10% or 20% less I wouldn’t have asked, but the difference was huge and piqued my curiosity.

As Fireblade says, bikes are restricted according to export market. When I was messing with ZZR1100s I recall that the French models were heavily restricted. Some were simple restrictions that could be easily undone, e.g. different carb tops to prevent the throttle slide from lifting fully. Some were permanent e.g. different cams. With modern EFI the restriction is probably just in the ECU map.

Perhaps the WVTA figure is a minimum power output that satisfies the rules of all EU member states?

I am confident that my ZX10R is kicking out healthy power, having invested in dyno time.
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Old 23-04-18, 12:46
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Hi Craig - I wasn't trying to be flippant - and now I understand your question...WVTA is the basket of data a manufacturer needs homologate any specific derivative in EU markets...they may have generated different power outputs as you suggest and hence had to homologate multiple derivatives
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